Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Max's 1st Birthday

There are three things you should know about Max:

1) He's Adorable.
2) He loves monkeys.
3) He REALLY loves Curious George.

He loves to read Curious George, watch Curious George, and even drags a little Curious George monkey around with him.

In celebration of Max's first birthday, I created an invitation to his Curious George themed birthday party inspired by his favorite book of Curious George stories.

The 8 page "book" in colors of red, yellow, and blue told a short story about Curious George and his friend Max and invited the recipient to join them in celebrating Max's 1st Birthday!

See? I told you he's adorable. Max with his best friend George pictured on the end page of his invitation. Stay tuned for more pics featuring Max's coordinating birthday decor!